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 Suzhou Yijiaren Translation service Co., Ltd, a large-sized professional translation service agency officially registered with relevant industrial and commercial administration of China, can skillfully provide customers with translation services in more than 80 languages including Russian, English, Uygur, Kazak, French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Mongolian, Arabian, Italian, Persian and Central-Asian languages, supported not only by distinguished translator team with corresponding professional qualification but also by outstanding translation quality control system, covering professional Chinese-foreign translation, business negotiation interpretation, consecutive interpretation and simultaneous interpretation as well as advertising material composing, plate-making and printing services. Following the philosophy of customer foremost and standard, quality products, we keep developing ourselves to be an optimum translation provider for customers.  


Our translation services range from simple document translations to conference interpreting, simultaneous interpretation service and simultaneous interpretation equipment. The main translation languages include English, Japanese, German, Korean, French, Spanish, Russian, and Italian, etc.; and the specialties involve metallurgy, energy, electric power, petrochemical industry, automobile, law, machinery, communication, building, software, textile, spaceflight, aviation, building material, agriculture and stock raising, forestry, and electronic, etc.


With our network of qualified and experienced translators, interpreters, proofreaders and researchers, we are able to provide you with quick and accurate results for all your translation needs. As a leading Chinese translation company, we specialize in providing Chinese translation services both between chinese and other languages and vice versa.


If you're looking for a reliable translation company using the latest technological advances, then call us on +86 18118113942 or Click here for a free quote

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